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the whiny adventurer

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Do you wanna know where this surreal place is? It is located in Barangay San Salvador in Luisiana, Laguna. I wish I could tell you more about this majestic place but to be honest? It’s kinda frustrating that I know nothing. Not even how long the trek would be or the height of this falls or why is it named like that. All I know is this part of the province is a member of the 3rd District of Laguna. I should’ve known a place like this existed. I used to work for our then Congressman Edgar San Luis, too bad, I was busy with other things. Continue reading “the whiny adventurer”


cravings & appetition

Earlier this everning, my friends and I had dinner at Dampa Metrowalk here in Ortigas, thank God as it is just like half a mile walk from our office in Rockwell. I had to satisfy my cravings for seafood as I have been wanting to eat these creatures for the longest time now!
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don’t ruin me

It’s my first time in a long time that I decided to be a rebel again. I semi lied (‘coz I only told my boss half the truth. Though I was stuck in traffic, it was really my fault I woke up late) I didn’t go to work and dragged my sister into watching a movie (The Scorch Trial) and spending half a day in a spa on a Tuesday.

If technology ruins romance it made my day great! just a simple flick on the phone and I get my free movie pass! Three hours later and we’re headed to Wensha spa where I went naked in public and flaunt my flabs and hard earned fats 😀 My sister and I spent few minutes at the sauna before skinny dipping in the jacuzzi and stuffed ourselves with a number of variety of japanese and filipino dishes. Another round of sauna and jacuzzi and off we went to a very relaxing whole body massage.

Ok, I am not really gonna rave about that experience, done that couple a hundred times already. Actually, I am kinda feeling a little bit confused right now. I hate when someone is playing with my emotions. I’m very vulnerable. I thought I can play this game of flirting but there’s only too much I can handle.

I always anticipate the thought of him going online and seeing me and he would say hi and flirt I’m gonna act like a school girl blushing and smiling alone. I am writing this now while looking at that small chat screen hoping I’d see him type a message for me and I’d answer back.

I hate this.

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